September 2016

Your Life is Brand New

In Matthew chapter 9, after having been away from His hometown for a while, Jesus has returned. While the crowd wondered at the stony-face of this unfortunate crippled...

Forgive Yourself

Most of us have regrets. Things we wish we had said or done differently; choices that took us down an undesirable path. If you're still living with the consequences...

It’s All or Nothing

Jesus is continuing to cause quite a stir as He travels the region bringing deliverance, healing and peace. He has healed the sick, delivered the demon-possessed, and...

A Prayer Answered

The events of this podcast are true! Moira Brown was reading in her garden when she heard a thud against the kitchen window - a sparrow had flown into the glass. The...

The Hand of Healing

Max Lucado called leprosy “death by inches.” It was gruesome, deforming, and painful. Not just physically painful, lepers were the ultimate outcast. But not for Jesus.

Heavenly Colours

On this podcast, Moira Brown pays tribute to her dear friend, Dr. John Wesley White, who passed away eleven days before his 88th birthday.


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