October 2016

We’re Not In It Alone

Join Ann Mainse for this episode of Sincerely Yours as Jesus talks to his disciples about their conduct and we're reminded that we're never alone.

Today is Reformation Day!

On this date, October 31st in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to cathedral door. This turning point in history produced the great Reformation hymn...

The Voice That Matters Most

We’ve all felt the consequences of “public opinion.” What people think of us, or say about us, is a big deal -- and it can either feel like a warm embrace, or a cold...

Roles and Responsibilities

Growing up in a volatile home, Moira Brown had to learn to entrust her loved ones to the Lord's keeping. It took her some time to let go and appreciate that God loved...

Meaningful Relationships

One of Moira Brown's favourite Scriptures for couples who are tying the knot... is about ropes! She shares it on this podcast that speaks to sharing our lives with...


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