The matchless power of God. Those who take it for granted sometimes need reminding of His supremacy. And as we’ll see in our reading for today, Jesus was quite willing to do just that. But when we realize our weakness and surrender to His strength, we’ll find some truly amazing things can happen.

Today’s Reading

“‘I find Him not guilty.’ The Jewish leaders replied, ‘By our laws He ought to die because He called Himself the Son of God.’ When Pilate heard this, he was more frightened than ever. He took Jesus back to the headquarters again and asked Him … ‘Don’t You realize that I have the power to release You or to crucify You?’” – John 19:6b-10

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Ann Mainse

With years of ministering on TV with 100 Huntley Street and Full Circle, Ann now offers us her insight on Sincerely Yours, a daily devotional exploring the lessons of the Bible and how we can apply them to our lives today.

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