Can tech turn toxic? On this episode of Grow on the Go, Kevann and I debate whether technology is making life better or worse in a new multi-part series. Regardless of which side you fall on, it’s easy to agree that it is not only changing the way we live but also changing the way we love. We look at some recent research I’ve been doing on the effect our use of technology is having on our Relational Intentionality.

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Donna Carter

Donna is passionate about helping people find faith, teaching them to apply it to everyday life, and live with purpose.

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  • Randy Barnett

    Thanks for the added perspectives. You have opened a sensitive discussion with grace and care to include understanding multiple ways to look at issues we have with today’s technology.
    May God help us to use technology as needed in the work He has for each of us.

    • Appreciate the comment, Randy, and glad you took so much away from the discussion! Donna and Kevann will be continuning this series over the next few weeks, so be sure to subsribe to the Grow on the Go podcast so you don’t miss anything! :)