A Father’s Everlasting Advice

It's impossible to measure the impact of Isaac Watts's contribution to the Christian Culture of today. Equally as important was Isaac Watts Sr., his father. Afterall, it was the Father's advice that fueled the pen of his prolific son.

Parenting 101: Let the Lord In

Having children is a miraculous experience that encourages growth and perspective. And, though raising a child is far from easy, allowing the Lord to be your partner in parenting can have a powerful effect.

Christian History: John Berridge

For much of his adult life, John Berridge's ministry was fruitless. That is until one morning, at 42 years of age, he opened his Bible and received a flash of divine inspiration.

Christian History: Elisha A. Hoffman

Elisha A. Hoffman gave his heart to Jesus at an early age. First, as a publisher for the Union Seminary of the Evangelical Association, then as a Pastor, then as a prolific songwriter.

Is Google the New God?

Modern society's day to day reliance on Google is no secret. We rely on the world's most popular search engine for all sorts of facts, favourite quotes and the latest stats.

Christian History: George Washington Bethune

A preacher-pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church, George Washington Bethune can teach us a lot about God's mysterious ways. Hoping to restore his health, Bethune had travelled to Florence, Italy, but had agreed to give a Sunday message at a local church.


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