• Warren Dean Flandez – 2017 GMA Canada Covenant Award winner for Best Gospel & Urban Song of the Year and Juno Award nominee. Not confined by genre specific stereotypes, Flandez’s album ‘Eternally Grateful’ is a soulfully charged, urban infused gospel record that spreads the Word in a non-traditional way. His latest release called ‘Speak’ is quickly impacting Canadian radio.
  • Jamie Kuse – an award winning engineer and producer from Vancouver, including being nominated for a 2017 Juno Award and recipient of three WCMA’s for Outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap Recording (2011), Outstanding Electronic Recording (2014) and Outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap Recording (2015). He has spent the last 15 years in the studio working to innovate and refine his signature bold, crisp sound.
  • Drew Brown – Juno and Covenant Award nominated artist, Singer-songwriter, worship leader, GMA Canada “Male Vocalist of the Year” and “Producer of the Year”, and co-host of ‘Between The Grooves’! Drew’s passion extends into helping other artists through Personic Creative Collective, focusing on art, communication and community.

What we talk about:

  • Warren’s journey from growing up in Yellowknife, then moving to a very different environment.
  • Joining a choir and tuning out negative influences in life.
  • Being pushed to create a pop record, compromising your own passions for Gospel and R&B.
  • ‎Jamie’s “origin story” – growing up in a musical household.
  • Playing jazz trumpet and being forced to play in concert band too.
  • ‎Discovering recording software and getting into a stronger love for sound production.
  • ‎Setting up a home studio and producing neighbourhood kids’ hip-hop records.
  • Discussing R&B and soul music in Canada – the audience is there.
  • ‎Learning a completely different Christian music industry in the U.S., compared to Canada.
  • Being told that moving away from pop music to Gospel was a step backwards.
  • Writing good songs ‎instead of trying to write a “hit” record.
  • How a season of self-care can help you move forward.
  • The wealth of talent Canada has, and how to provide opportunities.
  • Jamie’s first step as a producer when working with an artist.
  • How the role of a producer has evolved.
  • The song writing process, and surrounding yourself with people who truly know you.
  • The process of creating Eternally Grateful and the progression to the new album.
  • ‎Who are their mentors and how are they mentoring others.

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James Kurtis & Drew Brown

Music director and morning man James Kurtis (JOY Radio in Toronto) and award-winning artist/producer Drew Brown explore every aspect of life in Christian music. From interviews with today's top artists to fun and in-depth roundtable discussions, Between The Grooves is the ultimate resource for fans and worship leaders alike.

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    Very interesting episode! Its funny how people end up on their path! I love this guys music.