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So you’re new to podcasting? Great to hear! A podcast, most simply, is a radio show that you download to your computer, smartphone, or tablet to listen to on demand whenever you want. You can choose to download specific programs or subscribe to a podcast to automatically download the latest episode.

Faith Strong Today makes it easy to listen to our original faith-based content and puts you in control of when and where you do it.

If that sounds good, let’s look at how…


Above you’ll see our entire lineup of podcasts, each designed to engage and encourage Christians in all walks of life. Click the artwork to find out what they’re about and follow these quick steps to subscribe to the ones that speak to you. Want it all? The original Faith Strong Today Podcast gets you every episode of every show.

Step 1: Pick A Podcast App

iTunes is generally considered to be the most popular way to listen to podcasts. Apple also has their own Podcasts App for iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.), which makes it easy to listen and subscribe on the go. Android users have quite a few choices as well and here is a quick link with a few suggestions. Otherwise, we can search “best podcast app” and see what’s available.

Step 2: Find Your Podcast

Once we’ve got a way to listen, it’s time to find the podcast. You’ll find easy links to each show by clicking on the artwork above. But you can also open up your podcasting app (aka a “podcatcher”) and look for a search tool. Searching “Faith Strong Today” should bring up a full list of our programs, but you can also type the individual podcast name to find it directly.

Step 3: Download and Subscribe

Now that we’ve found our podcast we are ready to start listening! Browse through available episodes and download the ones you want to hear. You should also see a button to subscribe, which will automatically download future episodes as they become available. Click play and enjoy.

That’s It!

Three steps and you’re a podcasting pro. Depending on the app you’re using, or the device itself, terms may slightly vary. Now that you’re up and rolling, we’d love for you to rate and review our podcasts to help us reach more people. Look for those links within your podcast app, it boosts our shows up the charts and puts them in front of new eyes searching for Christ.