September 22, 2018

Building Our Identity in Christ

Many people struggle with finding their identity. It is because many of us tie our identity with worldly standards and people’s opinions of us. On this episode of the Sweet Spot, we will talk about how we build a true identity in Christ by learning how to go outside ourselves by lifting...

The Secret to Keeping the Magic Alive

On this episode of The Sweet Spot, we continue learning about Julia Hanna’s story after launching her first restaurant and enjoying an illustrious culinary career. She tells us that the secret to keeping the magic alive is not just about the food she cooks, but also the ability to serve...

Every Moment is a Gift with Herbie Kuhn

week, Toronto Raptors announcer Herbie Kuhn joined the program to share his testimony and teach us how to find our voice. Now he returns to remind us that every moment is a gift from God and that we need to stay focused to find our sweet spot. Episode Links Connect with Herbie: Join the...


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