Worst Christian Ever

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mattwhitmanMatt Whitman calls himself the “Worst Christian Ever” and it’s best to let him explain why exactly in the video below.

But he believes in God and thinks things are funny. He was raised in Fort Collins, Colorado before moving to Chicago where he graduated from Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He met his wife Camilla on his first day of college in his first class. They’ve got three kids together and now live in the mountains of beautiful western Wyoming where Matt works as the Pastor of the Lander Evangelical Free Church.

With a teach-straight-through-books-of-the-Bible approach, Matt uses his appreciation of history, humor, culture, and narrative to help people understand the whole thing better. Along with church and family, Matt throws a lot of time at his YouTube channel (Worst Christian Ever) and now shares his videos with you every Tuesday on Faith Strong Today. Matt’s the editor and co-author of the book Putting God in His Place: Exalting God in the iCulture published by Nextstep Resources. In addition to writing and video stuff, he enjoys rock music, team sports, fly fishing, and travel.

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