September 23, 2020

Hospice Nurse Shares Inspiring Words You Need to Hear

Rebecca Turley may not be a name you know, but her inspiring message is being shared by millions. After a tough 13-hour shift, Rebecca was heading home when she felt compelled to record a video message. She pulled over on the side of the road and spoke some simple, yet profound truth that has since gone viral.

The young woman is a hospice nurse in Northwest Ohio and had just witnessed someone’s last moments of life. Surrounded by loved ones, Nurse Turley watched as the dying man struggled for breath. But, as she describes in the video below, felt the end of his life was truly “a magic moment.”

“Life is so, so short. You should live life to the fullest. Maintain good relationships.”

She explains gracefully, “When you work with people at the end of their life every day, you kind of become immune to it, but there’s always a few patients that really, really get you.”

This particular patient had made Rebecca think about life and how we need to use the time we have wisely.

“I get to witness some of the most beautiful moments of life which are around the time of death. And I was driving home, listening to my Christian music after 13 hours of running around taking care of symptomatic patients and their families. It just hit me and I felt really compelled to pull over and say this message.

“Life is so short…I was with a man this morning and his family as he took his last breaths. And it’s really, really a magical moment. I have taken care of pediatric patients. I have had patients who go in for a routine outpatient surgery. When they wake up the doctor says, ‘hey you have a week to live, you should call hospice.’ And I don’t know if two people are going to watch this video, I don’t care. But maybe those two people will get something from me.”

Watch the full video that has reached and touched so many on social media below.

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