Christian History: Hudson Taylor

Though he would endure great setbacks and much adversity, his tireless work in the name of The Lord would result in over 18,000 conversions and 125 schools in China.

It’s Never Too Late to Turn to God

Nearing the end of her life, Mary Antionette was left with a very important choice to make: allow her past misgivings to dictate her afterlife or seek salvation in the arms of God.

Christian History: Desiderius Erasmus

Though Desiderius Erasmus isn't exactly a household name, his life's work would greatly impact that of Martin Luther. Erasmus's life saw him grow from an insignificant Dutch orphan to one of the most celebrated theological minds of his day.

Drawing Life Lessons from Earth’s Natural Splendor

The Bible often uses natural imagery to paint a picture of the resiliency of human beings. The Oak, for example, can tell us a whole lot about who we are, where we've come from and how we can achieve a balanced life. Hike through the timeless wisdom of the natural world in a Spring...


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