October 2, 2022

Anything but Basic with LoveCollide

If you read our guest’s Twitter bio it says, “just a pop band encountering God on the reg.” It’s a basic summary for Lauren and Brooke Deleary, a sister duo performing together in the band LOVECOLLIDE. However, these women are anything but basic. In fact, they are all about shattering expectations and defying norms. We dive into that on this Between the Grooves podcast, exploring their family dynamic, funding an independent band, and building a great team to support your vision as an artist.

“We know that we’re creatives and that we want control over our music. And we’ve just heard so many stories of people who just lost control and couldn’t do what they wanted to do. “

What’s In This Episode?

  • Finding the right balance between family and business
  • Honeymoons and summer weather
  • Starting to tour after college and how they got gigs
  • How they make a living as an independent artists
  • Staying independent vs. signing to a label
  • FACTOR and government grants for music
  • Being Native American and proudly Canadian
  • Building a team that supports your vision
  • The importance of video in marketing music
  • Tour stories and downtime from music
  • What to expect from the new album Tired of Basic

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