February 25, 2020

Alisa Turner loves playing music because it creates an opportunity for others to share back. Her love of people and music all starts from the same place – being a 13-year old at her family’s piano. She would write songs and play her heart out for the joy of it, and for the hope of how her music could impact someone else.

Alisa, a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl who has suffered from a debilitating illness since childhood, was only 20 when she lost her father. She had recently left her North Carolina home to pursue a music career in Nashville when she got the call that her worship pastor dad had passed following a massive heart attack. Undone by his death and the ravages of Lyme Disease, Alisa soon returned home as her health worsened. Unable to eat or even hold up her head due to muscle atrophy, she was hospitalized and placed on a feeding tube, remaining bedridden for six years.

Enduring, even more, heartache, pain, and loss in her life…many would simply crawl into that dark corner of despair and never recover. But not Alisa. Through it all, she returned to the piano, where the Spirit breathed her back to life. While she still struggles daily with her health, her journey has shifted in ways she could never have imagined. It was our absolute pleasure to talk with Alisa Turner.

What we talk about:

  • The challenges and rewards of co-writing music.
  • ‎Her song “Psalm 13”, and the process behind writing it.
  • Loss, grief, illness, and how you respond to difficult seasons in life.
  • Coping with a devastating illness that literally kept her home for years.
  • Enduring a hard season of life that seemed like it would never end.
  • Losing years of her life to illness, and looking back on it now.
  • ‎Music being a burning passion that never went away, despite setback after setback.
  • Alisa’s Dad and his profound influence on her life.
  • How she got through losing her Dad at a young age.
  • Signing with Integrity Music.
  • The differences between being an independent artist vs. being signed to a label.
  • Her dream collaboration.
  • What’s next for Alisa Turner!

Alisa Turner – “My Prayer For You”

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