It’s hard to be vulnerable with others, especially when it’s being honest about your imperfections. But that was something singer-songwriter Jason Gray had to learn to embrace in order to follow God’s path for him. As it turns out, it’s a quality that has connected him to his fans, helped his writing process, and gotten him through some tough seasons in life. Let’s open ourselves up on this episode of Between The Grooves.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Jason’s speech impediment and losing a dare with God
  • Embracing your imperfections and being vulnerable with others
  • Tough seasons in life and healing through music
  • Finding balance and exposing yourself to truth
  • Songwriting with his son and how it turned into a full project
  • Working with multiple producers on an album
  • The next records, the labels reaction, and family life
  • How hearing the right sequence of words can reorder our whole life

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