There’s a lot to talk about when you have been working in the music business for over 50-years. This week on Between The Grooves, Bob Hawkins of the Bob Hawkins Band joins the podcast to share his unique perspective and offer some juicy tips for all those trying to make it as an artist. We chat (and joke) for over an hour in this episode and if you don’t walk away with something to help your hustle then you’re not really listening.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Coffee time and getting to know Bob Hawkins
  • Worship services for those with special needs
  • Spending over 50-years in the music business
  • Band feedback and writing for radio and YouTube
  • Committing all your actions to the Lord
  • The GMA, SOCAN, and networking
  • Creating your own sphere as an independent artist
  • Psalm 33:3 and developing your skills
  • Teaching kids and passing on your knowledge
  • Working with your team and growing in your talent
  • Focusing on the small steps vs. large strides
  • Gear talk and finding the right equipment
  • A special offer from Bob to churches in the GTA

Connect with Bob Hawkins

Find music and upcoming events at www.bobhawkinsband.com and follow on Facebook and YouTube.

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