Owning Your Ministry with Josh McCabe

Labels vs. independent. Playing shows vs. leading worship. Compromise vs. collaboration. These are just a few of the topics we cover on this amazing podcast with Josh McCabe of the band Caves. We talked for nearly an hour about what it means to be doing music full-time, which is interesting because doing that was something Josh himself said he would never do. But the heart of this conversation is all about following God’s path and owning the ministry he has asked you to lead. This episode is really what this podcast is all about, so make sure you subscribe and listen in as we get Between The Grooves with Josh McCabe.

What we talk about:

  • Growing up and his family legacy in music
  • Starting Caves and their first ever concert at the Air Canada Centre
  • Playing shows vs. leading worship
  • Religious terminology and broadening our language
  • Pastoring and transitioning into this new chapter
  • The unexpected success of Caves and tour stories
  • Advice for other musicians and giving back
  • Asking “why” and being truthful with your motives
  • Priorities and balancing family life, music, and faith
  • Labels vs. independent
  • Taking risks and working together as artists, labels, and radio

“I always said I would never do music full time and here I am doing music full time. I always said I would never do that. And, again, I thought my best days were behind me. I thought this was a little record I released for a few friends and it’s gone beyond that. And, in fact, it was my wife in many ways that convinced me to put the album online in the first place, which, again, I was just going to keep private. And, you know, the Lord had other plans for sure.”

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