November 10, 2022

Failure & Dreadlocks with David Dunn

Embrace life with David Dunn – our hilarious yet deep conversation is one of our favourites. The newlywed shares what he’s learned in the short time since tying the knot a few weeks before our chat. Plus, a recent switch from man-bun to dreadlocks was his wife’s idea!

With all the laughs we share, you may think this is just a goofy conversation. But David really gives incredible insight into not only the music industry, but how the lessons he learned apply to just about anything in life. While some may be hard, he does consider them to be gifts from God.

What we talk about:

  • Being told to shush by strangers because you’re loud
  • Married life, month one: a window into your soul
  • Meeting his wife and the virtues of Facebook stalking
  • Dreadlocks are awesome, but there’s one downside
  • Getting into music after an Engineering Degree
  • The support of friends
  • Spending a year in Africa – the best and worst year of his life
  • Your ability to handle failure determines whether you can push on or not
  • David’s song writing process, and how it looks different every time he starts a new cycle

David Dunn – “I Wanna Go Back”

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