October 2, 2022

Focus On ‘Why’ Not ‘How’ with Darren Mulligan

We Are Messengers’ lead singer Darren Mulligan shares laughs and tears in an honest conversation about faith, music and family. As hosts of a podcast, we’re supposed to talk. But several times during our chat with Darren…we were left speechless. That’s why we believe this is our most compelling episode ever, thanks to the profound stories and powerful truth that Darren shares.

If we’re being honest, we didn’t expect to be so awakened by this experience. Even weeks after recording this podcast we are often moved to tears just thinking about what Darren shared. (Good tears, by the way!)

He left his native Ireland in 2003 to chase a life built on selfish ambition, temporary pleasure and fleeting fame. But God had other plans for him. His testimony and powerful message of restoration through Jesus is something you’ll never forget.

What we talk about:

  • Becoming the kind of man you never thought you’d be. Not in a good way.
  • Playing the “good guy”, hiding the truth from those closest to you.
  • When ‎God spoke to Darren and told him to do something that changed his life forever.
  • An incredibly moving example of the love given to Darren at a time when he didn’t follow Christ, and his regret at not (yet) being able to thank someone special.
  • Introducing people to salvation and the power of truth.
  • Finally finding happiness and contentment in life, then being asked by God to leave it all behind.
  • ‎Being offered a record deal in America, a place he never wanted to return to, and why.
  • ‎The heartbreaking sacrifice and hurt of being away from family in Ireland, but the peace Darren feels knowing that he’s exactly where the Lord wants him to be.
  • ‎The dangers of comparing yourself to others.
  • ‎Darren’s hope for James and Drew, the podcast, and you. Yes, YOU!

We Are Messengers – “Point To You”

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