It’s been a great summer, and we’ve each had the chance to talk with many Christian artists at various festivals and events. Yes, we’ve humbly requested they join us for an upcoming podcast. One of those great people is Danny Gokey! He’s one of those blessed dudes who must be happy all the time thanks to his perfect life. He’s got a beautiful growing family (baby Gabriel was just born August 24th, 2017!), an incredible music career impacting hundreds of thousands of people through his ministry, and even more businesses and foundations to his credit.

But behind the glare of those stage lights, Danny has been challenged by incredible heartache and loss. Battling depression and facing the all-too-real suffering that life can bring is something we can all face. And Danny is no different. During our chat, he gives us incredible insight into how he was able to rise above those valleys in life, and that by placing his absolute trust in God, how he was provided the strength and support to overcome those hardships.

Plus, hear how while working as a truck driver Danny would listen to financial radio host Dave Ramsay and why he was inspired to pursue a debt-free life. We share plenty of laughs too, so check out episode #16 as we get Between The Grooves with our new buddy Danny Gokey!

What we talk about:

  • Battling depression that Danny now feels he’s been fighting most of his life
  • The danger of letting pain become louder than the voice of God
  • Danny’s vision for helping build the Kingdom through business development
  • ‎Placing your tragedy and heartbreak into the hands of the Father
  • What advice he’d share with his younger self while a contestant on American Idol

Danny Gokey – “Slow Down”

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