• Luke Langman – dirt farmer, home music recording artist, GMA Canada Covenant Award nominee. He has been gigin’ around Central Ontario and sharing God’s story in his life for 15 years. His recent single “Bridges” was just nominated for Song Of The Year by the Gospel Music Association of Canada.
  • Jared Groenewegen – lead singer and founder of band All Rescued Children, with the mantra that believers are all children of God who have been rescued from sin and death. While attending Liberty University, he began to hone his music and songwriting skills, drawing from life to write meaningful, heartfelt lyrics.
  • Drew Brown – co-host of Between The Grooves, Juno and Covenant Award nominated artist, including a recent 8 nominations for the 39th annual Covenant Awards in January. (Woo hoo, congrats Drew!)
  • James Kurtis – Music Director and on-air personality with JOY Radio (CJYE) in the Greater Toronto Area. No songwriting awards to his credit, but he does “play” the radio.

What we talk about:

  • Exploring the team that works with each recording artist.
  • How family are the vital first members of that team.
  • ‎Busy times of the year.
  • The amount of work leading up to and during a show.
  • How Jared got into music; but also acting & comedy.
  • ‎Luke’s primary occupation as a farmer.
  • Navigating the music landscape in Canada.
  • How technology gives artists an advantage in music production.
  • Being asked to play for free, and determining the value of doing so with prayerful consideration.
  • House concerts.
  • When moments of doubt impact songwriting or performing.
  • Getting past a negative experience during a performance.
  • Worshipping as a worship leader.
  • The Covenant Awards with the Gospel Music Association of Canada.
  • Definitive albums or artists that influenced their love of music.

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Find All Rescued Children: www.facebook.com/AllRescuedChildrenMusic
Find Luke Langman: www.lukelangman.com
Find Drew Brown: www.drewbrownmusic.com
Find James Kurtis: www.onairguy.com
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