Spiritual Journey to Josh MacIntosh Band

At work on their first EP, the Josh MacIntosh Band has been in fruition for the past 15 years. Through lead vocalist Josh MacIntosh’s personal and spiritual struggle, and final breakthrough, the journey has been one of strength and determination.

Starting his music career in his early teens, MacIntosh has always felt the calling to fuse together contemporary rock music with worship.

“I started performing at my church in Toronto,” said MacIntosh. “I love playing worship music, but I really started feeling a pull towards the mainstream. I wanted to reach the lost.”

MacIntosh began collaborating with numerous bands like Manafest, Thousand Foot Crutch, and Sky Terminal. Touring across Canada and the United States, MacIntosh was still searching to find the path God was trying to lead him towards. His search for the fusion between mainstream rock and worship music began to take a toll on his personal life. After counseling and time away from the road, the MacIntosh family made the move to California.

“It was in California that God began to speak very clearly to me about my pull towards mainstream and worship,” said MacIntosh. “I started to feel very strongly about those two universes colliding to be one in the same. It was supposed to be both rock and worship.”

Settling in Redding, California MacIntosh began writing, and practicing his craft.

“It is so important to find your own voice, in those quiet moments you have, “ said MacIntosh. “Practice what you love, and experiment. Get around people who sharpen you, that are better than you. You can learn from these people.”

Surrounding himself with people who saw the good in him, MacIntosh began writing what would become the band’s first single, “Revival Fire.” A hard hitting rock song about the moment of breakthrough and awakening from a comatose state and becoming compassionate towards those who are struggling. That breakthrough moment came from MacIntosh when he was performing with the Bethel worship team.

“I was performing with Bethel, when Gian Peck was filling in for the drummer,” said MacIntosh. “I barely said two words to him, but once we started playing ‘You Have Won Me,’ his drumming blew me away. He was playing the way I play, hitting the drums like he is in a rock band.”

MacIntosh and Peck clicked right away, sharing the same vision of worship and mainstream rock being celebrated together. They spent the rest of the day discussing their lives and influences, which include bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, U2, and Muse. It came together quickly, with close friends, Taylor Clarke and Cristiano Rede joining MacIntosh and Peck to form the band.

The band is moving forward with the momentum of Christ in mind. For them it is about more than being a rock star, it is about spreading the word of God to those that are lost.

“We don’t take the worship part lightly,” said Peck. “We want to release the sound of heaven on Earth to help people. We want to see people’s lives change for the better. We want people to know that they are love and that God is a very loving God.”

It is this message that unifies the members of the Josh MacIntosh Band. They are currently completing their EP and hope to release it this summer. A tour across the United States is being planned, with hopes to make some stops in MacIntosh’s hometown.

Jennifer D'Agostino

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