This week we have a man with many talents – comedian, actor, and hand model – Leland Klassen. Now we’ve interview Leland many times in the past, but his ‘Why Me’ moment is the most real we’ve gotten. He opens up about losing his twin boys and the struggles he had with God in that grief. Of course, there is fun and laughter as well, and you will walk away from this episode knowing that being vulnerable can often lead to new understandings of happiness.

Leland talks about:

  • if standup comedy was the original plan
  • what it was like getting into comedy
  • Christian comedian in bars and clubs
  • comedian and now actor new movie this fall
  • what was the hardest thing to deal with?

“I never wanted to be a Christian Comedian. You can call me that, I think that fits. But I also do Comedy Clubs, Festivals, Just for Laughs. I’m Leland. I’m trying to honour God with what I’m doing.”

Some of Leland’s comedy:

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