November 20, 2019

Last week we spoke to our good friend Lisa Frers about (amongst other things) what it was like to be the wife a professional athlete. It gave us some nice perspective on our guest this week because it just so happens to be said professional athlete. Joining the Why Me Project is Greg Frers, a two time Grey Cup champ and an All-Star Safety in the CFL for ten years.

What we talk about:

  • Coles Notes of Greg’s life
  • Faith/Faith in Football
  • Retirement from the sport you love
  • Kids and Sports
  • Being a father to athletes
  • Competitive nature doesn’t go away

“Kids at 9 or 10 years old are forced to choose one sport. I’m trying to speak into my kids to enjoy the journey, because it is a journey and not a destination. But there are a lot of parents out there that think their kids are good to be the next big thing. But in reality they aren’t good enough. Less than 1% of athletes are going to make it.”

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