She is a Mama, a wife, a daughter, a neighbour, an entrepreneur, a DIY’er a leader, and a builder! She is a lover of words, the word, and the Word made flesh. A communicator of hope and believer in a gracious God! Oh, she also LOVES coffee. This lady of many talents is our guest this week. Please welcome our dear friend, Ellen Graf-Martin.

What we talk about:

  • Living on an island
  • Missionary work and leaving home
  • Women in ministry
  • Female Mentorship
  • Why Me / Why Not Me
  • A heart for adoption

“…and I left the office thinking ‘Why me God? Why me? Why would you put me here, and give me this voice and the space and the table I have been given in this ministry’.’”

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Hosts of The Morning Spin on Edmonton’s Shine-FM, Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor search for life's unscripted moments as part of the Why Me Project, a weekly podcast discussing incredible "Why Me?" moments with God.

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