This week’s guest is the founder of Celebrate Truth, which has produced documentary films such as Scientism Exposed and newly released Scientism Exposed 2. These films take a deep look at science and questions whether or not what we are told are facts, particularly when that doesn’t mesh with faith. You will hear this man’s passion, drive, and why he decided to not just his dip a toe in the water but jump right in. Please welcome this week’s guest Robbie Davidson.

What we talk about:

  • Growing Up/Turning his back on faith
  • The Turn-Around
  • Praize.com
  • Scientism Exposed 1 and 2
  • Why Me Moment
  • Bitcoin

“If you are going to be someone to take the Bible seriously, you have things to contend with and that’s what I have done with my documentaries. Just get people thinking; just get people asking the questions.”

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