November 20, 2019

Between touring, summer holidays, and anniversary plans, we finally got to catch up with the very talented Brooke Nicholls before she jumps back into the studio (spoiler alert). For those who may not know Brooke, she is a worship leader and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She is married to her guitar player, Steve, and they have a fish named Todd. But our focus is less on Todd and more on Brooke, who opens up about her journey and career on this episode of the Why Me Project.

What we talk about:

  • Growing up in church
  • Her career in the pursuit of pop music
  • Meeting Steve her husband
  • Waiting so long to get married and the marriage timeline
  • What’s next and her gearing up for a new album
  • Church Modesty

“When you’re walking through it, it doesn’t always feel as easy as I am saying. But you wonder different things and the enemy has a way to creep into your mind.”

Broke Nichools – “Home” (Lyric Video)

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