When modern people read the Bible, we think it’s primitive, violent, and backwards.

Its first readers found it progressive, dangerous, and revolutionary.

What happened?

HOLY SHIFT is a 60-minute talk/sermon/one-man-show that explores the big questions about the bible, progress, and the role we play in the ongoing story of humanity.

Discussion Guide

HOLY SHIFT isn’t meant to be the final word on anything: This is the kick off to a much bigger conversation. We’ve created a simple discussion guide to help you have good conversations after viewing.

Click here to download the Discussion Guide.


Dick Laws – 5:18
How Bad Was It? – 9:38
Shifting Gears – 16:06
Nintendo Bucks – 21:57
They’re a Bunch of Idiots – 25:51
Ideas Take a Long Time to Ferment – 30:30
The Invisible Flag of Death – 35:00
We Have No Room for Hating, so We Have to Forgive – 38:42
Holy Shifts- 43:31
I Have This Friend…- 49:24
Love the Baby – 53:49
That’s the Way This Works – 59:53

Further Reading

William J Webb – Corporal Punishment in the Bible (Purchase)
William J Webb – Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals (Purchase)
Thomas Cahill – Desire of the Everlasting Hills (Purchase)
Pete Enns – The Bible Tells Me So (Purchase)
Eugene Peterson – Eat This Book (Purchase)


MUSIC – Jeremy Rodney-Hall: soundcloud.com/jeremyrodneyhall
DESIGN – Josiah Bilagot – josiahbilagot.squarespace.com/ 
CAMERA – David Ross – focusandshadow.com
More thanks in video credits

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