September 19, 2020

WikiGod #5: Dr. John Suk

Dr. John Suk

This week, we are wikiing God with Dr. John Suk, who is currently the pastor of Lawrence Park Community Church. John is also a prolific blogger and author of a book called Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey from Faith to Doubt. It chronicles the story of how he went from being the senior editor of The Banner, the major serial denominational publication of the Christian Reformed Church, to becoming the United Church of Canada minister that he is now – and all the steps in between. John is about calling on Christians to move away from niggling over orthodoxy or right doctrinal assertions and to be more faithful to the ethics and morals of Jesus the teacher.

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Mark Groleau

Our stories. Shaping God. I host conversations with Toronto Jesus-followers and God-thinkers who help us wiki God towards a better faith.

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