November 28, 2020

Elle Pyke talks Church Planting and Innovative Discipleship

Your Story #33

Sharing their story this week is Elle Pyke. Where do we begin with Elle? She’s a bit of a jack of all trades: a women’s speaker, marketer, teacher, and leader, to name a few. But most recently Elle has been involved with New Leaf, a Canadian network that cultivates and supports starters and church planters.

Elle Pyke talks with Melinda About:

  • growing up and being called to ministry
  • finding her place in the church as a woman
  • the need for new ideas to grow the church
  • getting out of our comfort zone and innovative discipleship
  • what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur
  • balancing life, faith, and following your passions

Melinda Estabrooks

Melinda’s career spans over 20 years of broadcasting, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. Every week, Mel chats with incredible people who share their personal stories through tragedy and triumph.

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