We often overlook the mountaintops and valleys endured by those who help others. For Mark Petersen, CEO of Stronger Philanthropy, those high-impact grants and dead-end disasters parallel a physical pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Learn from his journey the real reason we need to give back and work together.

Mark talks about:

  • what the Camino is and why he chose to walk it
  • how long it takes and the interesting people you meet along the way
  • if we’ve lost the faith and hope that God will provide
  • what we can do to give back in our everyday lives
  • his book and what a philanthropist is
  • how he and his family became givers themselves
  • why philanthropy and pilgrimage work together
  • taking things slowly and fathering people along the way

“But you can move beyond [giving being a transactional experience], to letting giving become a transformational event in your life.”

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