Paul Morris & Matt Hill’s Story of Mentoring and Community

This week’s story is from Paul Morris and Matt Hill, two former pastors and now leadership consultants. They join me in-studii to discuss mentoring and the importance of community, as well as share their own stories of what lead them to be experts in their field.

Paul and Matt talk about:

  • their lives and how they got to where they are now
  • their first real significant mentoring moments
  • how they met each other
  • working as leadership consultants
  • the importance of seeking mentorship
  • why people are afraid of being judged
  • why mentoring is important in a community
  • Melinda’s appreciation to Paul as her mentor
  • some profound words that you need to hear

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Melinda Estabrooks

Melinda’s career spans over 20 years of broadcasting, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. Every week, Mel chats with incredible people who share their personal stories through tragedy and triumph.

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