This week’s story is from author and blogger Sarah Bessey, who joins Melinda Estabrooks to talk about making peace with an evolving faith. She shares thoughts from her books ‘Out of Sorts’ and ‘Jesus Feminist,’ as well as her personal journey, marriage, preaching, and more.

Sarah talks about:

  • the differences between Canada and the US
  • what a “Jesus Feminist” is and feminism in our faith
  • a love/hate relationship with the Apostle Paul
  • what’s the role of women and men in the church
  • experiencing God through “narrative theology”
  • how to rebrand your life professionally and personally

“We think we have everything kind of sorted out, and we know how we’re going to fit. We know how we’re going to move through our lives. And then, often times, something happens to throw us off that plan.” – Sarah Bessey

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