September 20, 2020

The Wedding Story of Chris Orme and Melinda Estabrooks

Your Story #34

The newlyweds are sharing their story this week! With the wedding behind them, Melinda Estabrooks sits down with her husband, Chris Orme, to reflect on their exciting new journey together. You’ll hear about their big day, the stress and excitement of planning, as well as what this commitment means to them. It’s an episode that is sure to keep your faith strong with love.

Chris and Melinda Talk About…

  • a second time around marriage
  • their vows
  • being a blended family
  • what will it take for their marriage to last and succeed

Melinda Estabrooks

Melinda’s career spans over 20 years of broadcasting, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. Every week, Mel chats with incredible people who share their personal stories through tragedy and triumph.

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