August 13, 2020

Christian History: John Clough

Is someone in your life stonewalling your attempts to share your faith in Christ? That’s nothing new. In the mid 1800s, John Clough drew a chalk line down the middle of his college dorm room, forbidding prayer, Scripture, or any of his roommate’s evangelistic efforts on his side of the line. But the Holy Spirit has a way of turning things around. Look back with me on this episode of Hugs From Heaven to see how this historical figure went from a wall to a doorway for others to find faith.

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Moira Brown

With over 40 years of broadcast experience, Moira is known and loved across Canada. Best known for her work on 100 Huntley Street, Moira now offers daily encouragement with her Faith Strong Today podcast Hugs From Heaven, sharing her life experiences and interests in her warm, show-and-tell style.

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