Parents, friends, and teachers expect perfection. It’s an expectation that’s been groomed by air-brushed magazine covers, social media photo-ops and the Jones’s. And it’s far from harmless. These monumental expectations are having a dramatic influence on the mental health of modern youth. Today, we turn to the pages of Proverbs and highlight some age-old wisdom on another uplifting episode of Hugs From Heaven.

Instant Takeaways

  1. Waning confidence. Girls are 22% less likely than boys to describe themselves as confident.
  2. The Hot Seat. Performance pressure has risen in girls 12 and 13 by 46%.

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Moira Brown

With over 40 years of broadcast experience, Moira is known and loved across Canada. Best known for her work on 100 Huntley Street, Moira now offers daily encouragement with her Faith Strong Today podcast Hugs From Heaven, sharing her life experiences and interests in her warm, show-and-tell style.

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