According to a 2017 report, loneliness is a greater predictor of early death than smoking, obesity, or drinking. Indeed, loneliness is an epidemic in our culture, but community life, love, and sharing have always been God’s plan for us. Hospitality was the primary delivery system for the Gospel in Jesus’ day, and it is just as important to our lives today. Learn why on this episode of Hugs From Heaven.

Instant Takeaways

  1. Have we programmed our lives out of hospitality? In her book, Making Room, Christine Pohl explains that “The first 17 centuries of church history reveal the importance of hospitality to the spread and credibility of the gospel.” Perhaps we are embracing less “social” and more “media” today.
  2. God’s remedy is clear. The term “one another” is found 43 times in the New Testament. Who can you come alongside, call, coffee, or connect with?

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