The Ultimate Guide for the Best Faith-Based Movies to Watch on Netflix


We all know the Christian life isn’t made up of sparkles and unicorns—we have the same struggles as everyone else. These eight inspiring faith-based dramas deal with real and emotional real-world issues like death, illness, marital struggle, drugs and gangs.

An Interview with God

Rating: TV-PG
Released: 2018
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, David Strathairn, Hill Harper
Description: After an assignment in a war zone, a journalist trying to put his life back together is granted an interview with someone claiming to be God.

God’s Not Dead

Rating: PG
Released: 2014
Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A.R. White
Description: A spiritual college student clashes with an atheistic professor who insists that students will only pass his class by admitting that God is dead.


Rating: PG
Released: 2015
Starring: Patrick Warburton, Lauren Holly, Cody Linley
Description: When a life-threatening brain tumour seems to end the basketball career to which he has longa spired, a tenacious teen refuses to quit on his dream.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl

Rating: PG
Released: 2013
Starring: Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, Stephen Baldwin
Description: When a tough-minded ex-drug dealer falls for a beautiful but highly devout woman, their mutual attraction takes them both down a twisty path.

Let There Be Light

Rating: PG-13
Released: 2017
Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, Daniel Roebuck
Description: An atheist author finds faith after a near-death experience turns his life around.

Never Heard

Rating: TV-14
Released: 2018
Starring: Romeo Miller, David Banner, Robin Givens
Description: As his father sits behind bars, a young man is lured into Los Angeles’ merciless drug world and forced to choose between God and gang life.

The Unmiracle

Rating: PG
Released: 2017
Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Amy Lyndon, Kevin Sorbo
Description: The reaction of a small town to the accidental drug overdose of a popular high school girl is explored through seven interwoven storylines.

War Room

Rating: PG
Released: 2015
Starring: Karen Abercrombie, Priscilla C. Shirer, T.C. Stallings
Description: Fed up with her marriage to a selfish workaholic, Realtor Elizabeth seeks guidance from an older woman, who counsels her in the power of prayer.

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