September 22, 2020

US Politics: Leaning Left? Leaning Right? Lean In! with Leesa Donner

If there’s something that’s dominated the news cycle over the past year, it’s the US election. Unfortunately, it’s been a polarizing and divisive issue. As a Canadian, I try to make sense of it, and as a Christian, it’s difficult to understand how someone with President’s Trump’s personality resonates so much with evangelical Christians.  So instead of giving up, I jumped on a great opportunity to actually sit down with someone who is right in the middle of this.

Leesa Donner is a US journalist and a Christian. She supports the current administration. So, of course, she’s someone I want to talk to, to understand and listen to. I don’t want to debate her, I just want to find out why she believes what she believes – without judgment – as one human being to another. I hope our dialogue inspires you to reach across the great political divide – whatever side you are on – and listen to someone else’s perspective. (*P.S: my apologies for the quality of our Skype conversation – we had a poor connection, but I wanted to preserve the spontaneity of our first conversation. I think you’ll enjoy this episode nonetheless.)

Rose Zacharias Meeder

Dr. Rose Zacharias Meeder believes that being a Christian means meeting people where they’re at. She is passionate about genuine human connection and sharing people’s authentic stories.

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