Be Happy ‘Cause Words Matter

Can we increase our happiness? After experiencing a truly joyful moment, Mike and Diane chat about the “happiness baseline” and things we can do to help increase it. They also talk about how words matter and why we should be intentional with how we use them.

Always Learning, Always Growing

Mike and Diane talk about something their daughter said and how it changed their perspective. They also discuss the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey and how each of those habits can help us learn and grow towards The Sweet Spot.

Game 7s of Your Life

With all the recent playoff excitement, Mike and Diane ask the question: “what are the Game 7’s of your life?” They share some of their own experiences and how those victories and defeats help define who they are. You’ll also hear some of their reflections on...

Friends, Tiger Woods, and Easter

Not a clever name, Mike and Diane bring those three topics to the table in this episode of The Sweet Spot. They talk about the importance of good friendships and reconnecting with those you might have lost touch with. Then they discuss Tiger Woods’ recent comeback, his redemption...

How Can We Get to the Good?

After a few weeks apart doing separate interview shows, Mike and Diane are back together in The Sweet Spot! They talk what they learned from guests Andrea Donsky and Jeff Adams before diving into their main topic this week. With so much hardship and turmoil going on in the world, the...

A Beneficial Impact with Jeff Adams

Giving in any measure is a beautiful thing, but how can we reach those who need it most? This week, Pinball speaks with Jeff Adams of Samaritan’s Purse Canada about humanitarian aid. They talk about the planning and processes involved with crisis response, the importance of...

Women’s Health with Andrea Donsky

This week, Diane chats with nutritionist Andrea Donsky. She is the founder of Naturally Savvy (an incredible resource for healthy living), as well as an international TV health expert and best-selling author. Diane and Andrea dive into women’s health and discuss ways women of all...

The Sweet Spot with Diane and Michael Clemons

The Sugar or the Milk

Diane admits a secret about the uniquely Canadian term “double-double,” while Mike grapples with giving relationship advice to a friend. They also explore the “success to significance to insignificance” philosophy and the right way to say “no” when you...

The Sweet Spot with Diane and Michael Clemons

What Is Beautiful to You?

From the aesthetic to the internal to places in the world, Mike and Diane discuss the concept of beauty and what it means to them. They then share some of their most embarrassing moments and why we should always look for the truth in critism first.

Wives Don’t Get Enough Credit

Mike and Diane answer a listener question about their “war wall” before unpacking Rachel McKenna’s recent Tweets about her husband, NHL goaltender Mike McKenna, being traded. They offer an inside perspective on how an athlete’s life impacts the family and why we...

You Can’t Buy Time

Would you rather have unlimited money or unlimited time? Mike and Diane compare presents and presence in this podcast, discussing the value of time and how they want to invest in it wisely. They also talk about their “war wall”, a to-do list that helps them set and prioritize...

When Good Turns Bad

What happens when The Sweet Spot turns into The Sweet… Not? This week, Mike and Diane share a few stories about good intentions turning into less than ideal situations. Of course, through the bad can come some perspective and hope to build better relationships with each other. 

Christmas with the Clemons

With just a few days until the Christmas with the Clemons event, Mike and Diane talk about the annual kickoff to the Christmas season in their latest podcast. They also discuss moderation during the holidays and propose a special giving challenge to The Sweet Spot listeners.

Do Couples Really Do That?

Back from their recent vacation, Mike and Diane reflect on some of their favourite destinations and the importance of taking the time to reconnect with your spouse. Plus, they answer a listener question from last week’s Putting the Fun Back in Family episode and pose a few of their...

5 Things Christians Fear Explored

Is fear holding you back from finding The Sweet Spot? Mike and Diane break down the five biggest fears that Christians have and share their thoughts on how we can push past them to find success with life and God. Thanks to Jayson Bradley’s article for the inspiration for this...

Building Our Identity in Christ

Many people struggle with finding their identity. It is because many of us tie our identity with worldly standards and people’s opinions of us. On this episode of the Sweet Spot, we will talk about how we build a true identity in Christ by learning how to go outside ourselves by lifting...

The Secret to Keeping the Magic Alive

On this episode of The Sweet Spot, we continue learning about Julia Hanna’s story after launching her first restaurant and enjoying an illustrious culinary career. She tells us that the secret to keeping the magic alive is not just about the food she cooks, but also the ability to serve...


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